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Windows XP Basics - Part 1

Instructional DVD

microsoft windows xp instructional dvd
  • A Windows XP basics class you can watch on must see TV
  • This Windows XP basics DVD features HD screen recordings and live video combined with colorful graphics and step-by-step instructions 720p HD
  • Easy to understand and fun to watch! fun on a bun icon
  • Teaches the very basics of using a Windows XP computer in just over an hour windows xp class timer icon
  • No previous computer experience necessary! no computer experience icon
  • Ideal for 'computer shy' job seekers who have never even turned a computer on. computer shy job seekers icon
  • Free program updates free updates icon
  • Public performance rights for Libraries and Adult Education centers adult ed icon
  • Release date: 06/2011 release date icon
  • $19.99 computer help dvd price tag icon

Screen Captures from the Windows XP Basics - Part 1 - 3rd Edition DVD

(Please click on the photos to enlarge)

This Windows XP Basics instructional video has been designed and created for computer shy adults who want to learn computer basics in the comfort and privacy of their own homes:

windows xp basics instructional DVD

Windows XP Basics - Part 1 - 3rd Edition

Topics Include:

windows xp basics DVD table of contents
  1. Getting started with Windows XP
  2. How to use a desktop computer mouse with Windows XP computer
  3. How to use a notebook computer mouse with Windows XP computer
  4. Restart, sleep, shut down, help!
  5. Working with Windows XP program windows
  6. How to install new programs (i.e. "software" from a disc (CD or DVD)
  7. How to create, save, close, open, edit, and format documents (whew!)
  8. How to connect and configure a printer to a Windows XP computer

preview chapter from the microsoft windows xp instructional DVD

Windows XP Basics DVD Example Chapter

Kick the tires before buying this instructional DVD for yourself and/or for your favorite computer shy "aunt"! Here’s a sample chapter from this Windows XP computer help program:

Printer Setup Demo

NOTE: Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you may have to pause this Windows XP Basics DVD chapter for a few moments to give it time to download a bit before you begin watching.

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